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School Uniform

M&S Your School Uniform is the supplier of Windmill Primary School Uniform. 

Please click here to be taken to the M&S Your School Uniform website and follow the instructions to find Windmill School. 


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An information brochure giving details of the service M&S offers and a size guide chart can be viewed by clicking on the pictures below.

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Children can of course continue to wear uniform from our previous supplier, Kitbox and non logo’d items can be purchased from any high street or internet store.

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Parents and carers are asked to co-operate fully by providing uniform and ensuring children wear it correctly to and from school, and at other times as required.

Please ensure that all articles of clothing and footwear brought into school are clearly marked with your child’s name.



** items listed below are only available from M&S My School Uniform, our on-line uniform supplier. All other items can be obtained from any high street store.

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  • Charcoal grey trousers, charcoal grey skirt or charcoal grey pinafore dress.  Flared or bootlegged trouser styles are not acceptable
  • White long or short sleeved shirt with stiff angular collar
  • Blue and grey tie **
  • Grey V necked jumper with logo or grey V necked cardigan with logo **
  • Light blue striped or checked summer dress or charcoal grey shorts for warmer weather
  • Grey socks or tights
  • White socks
  • Black shoes

A school shirt must be worn with a formal pointed collar.  Blouses are not permitted.  Top buttons must be fastened.

A tie must be worn.

Grey or white socks should be worn; coloured socks are not permitted (even under trousers).  Trainer socks are not permitted.

Should your child wear a hijab or headwear, this needs to be in grey or blue.

Neither trousers nor skirts should have any jewellery or other adornments attached to them.

Summer uniform items of dresses and shorts can be worn when you see fit.  If the weather is warm please put your child in the most comfortable uniform for them.  We do not have a summer uniform date.



** items listed below are only available from M&S My School Uniform, our on-line uniform supplier. All other items can be obtained from any high street store.

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  • White t-shirt with Windmill logo **
  • Plain royal blue shorts
  • Black plimsolls or black trainers with non marking soles
  • Royal blue hooded sweatshirt
  • Royal blue jogging bottoms

All PE kit should be clearly named and brought into school in a named Windmill PE bag **

Full school PE kit should be worn for PE and after school clubs.  Children should get changed back into school uniform after clubs and their PE kit should be left in school.



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In winter, children need a warm waterproof school coat.  Denim, leather or fur jackets are not considered suitable for school.  In summer an anorak, cagoule or similar should be brought to school when the weather is unsettled.



Shoes should be suitable for school wear enabling your child to play safely at playtimes.  Children should not wear trainers or boots to school.

  • Winter - flat, plain style black shoes with no coloured stitching
  • Summer - flat, black shoes or sandals (open toed sandals and sling backed shoes are not acceptable).  Please ensure toes are protected.

Children may wear boots or wellingtons to school on wet and snowy days but must change into their school shoes when they arrive inside the building.  Again please ensure all care clearly labelled with your child's name.



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  • Book Bags ** with the Windmill logo are available from M&S My School Uniform and should be used by all children in Reception through to Year 6.
  • Please label all bags with your child's name.
  • Can we also ask that you limit key-rings and toys on book bags to one only.  We know this helps to identify your child's bag which is really helpful but several toys is not necessary and can cause issues between the children and is distracting for them.



  • Shoulder length hair should, for safety and hygiene reasons, be tied back from the face.  Hair accessories should be plain in style and in school colours.  Hair gel, nail varnish, temporary tattoos etc should not be worn to school.  Patterns should not be shaved into hair.
  • No jewellery should be worn to school.  If children have pierced ears only plain metal studs should be worn, no earrings of any other kind are allowed.  Studs must be removed during all PE lessons, children are expected to remove their own earrings and will be responsible for them, it is preferable not to wear earrings on PE days. 
  • A small watch may be worn if your child can tell the time.  If jewellery needs to be worn for religious reasons you must discuss this with the Head of School..
  • Sunglasses are not permitted at school unless they are prescription sunglasses.  If your child comes to school in sunglasses please take them home with you.  They tend to get lost or broken at school.  A sun hat with a brim or peak is much more useful.


Many thanks for your cooperation in these matters.  We want our children to be smart in their uniforms and wear it with pride.