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Year 3 Host Zoolological Society Debate

Denmark Street Class took part in the first Windmill Zoolological Society Debate.   The children researched predators in Computing and then created their own creatures. 

Amy's Foxcheetowl   Laura's Daidic

Chloe's Ponida   Rose's Zetibra

Zack's Shion   Jamie's Pino-Rhino

Having worked on their speeches in English children then wrote a speech to tell everyone about their predator and why it is the best.  We talked a lot about using rhetorical questions, repetition, exciting adjectives, powerful verbs and triples.

The children delivered their speeches in loud, clear voices to the audience and lots of laughter was had as some were quite funny! 

We also enjoyed listening to Denmark Street singing a French song about a wolf called 'Promenons-nous dans les bois'. 

Song picture



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