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Read All About It. Good News At Windmill

Today we held our end of year Good News Assembly where children from across the school are celebrated for their hard work, behaviour and attendance.         

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Our integrity certificates were awarded to Olivia, Sophia, Miley and Eva and our resilience certificates were awarded to George, Aiden, Soham and Aila.

Zara, Laura, Jayden and Tayla were celebrated for their respectful attitudes and Kiera, Valeria, Brooke and Jayden have shown that they are aspirational with their learning.

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Lead Learners, who have excelled in one area of their learning or development, were also recognised.  Well done; Ryan, Amy, Alexandrine, Simi, Tommy, Naman, Ezzah and Joseph. 

Our lunchtime controllers awarded certificates to Nathan and Wiktoria for their excellent behaviour during lunch times.


Lisa, Sebastian, Nicholas, Oliver, Kabir and Dorian were awarded for their 100% attendance over the whole school year with vouchers to buy some summer reading books.  Total attendance for each class was also noted and Denmark Street Class just nudged ahead of Rose Street Class and won the sweet treats. 

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Adults from across the school had also nominated children for the Key Stage shields which are awarded once a year to children who have shone throughout the whole year.  This year the shields were presented to Cameron, Marley and Brooke.

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We are so delighted with these children’s achievements and know there will be lots of very proud parents and carers celebrating tonight.