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Magical and Robotic Dance Workshops

Today, Rose Street Class and Denmark Street Class took part in a Dance Workshop.

Dance Workshop Year 3 (1)   Dance Workshop Year 3 (23)

Dance Workshop Year 2 (36)

Amy, our choreographer from Stage Coach, taught Denmark Street children some robotic movements which they then used to created a ‘Robot Dance’ that included a canon, a body wave and movements that the ‘Iron Man’ would perform.

Rose Street Children took inspiration from the book "George's Marvellous Medicene" and created dance movements that included magical, swirling, and creeping sequences. 

Dance Workshop Year 3 (9)   Dance Workshop Year 3 (13)

Every child took part and thoroughly enjoyed the warm up, skipping challenge and creative dance sequence that they created.

Dance Workshop Year 2 (21)   Dance Workshop Year 2 (8)

Dance Workshop Year 3a (38)

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