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Christmas Congratulations!

We were delighted to end the term with our traditional Good News Assembly where we recognised our Lead Learners and those children upholding our school values this half term.  There was also an opportunity to celebrate the class with the best attendance and to hand out 100% postcards.


Lead Learner

Our Lead Learners were; Benj, Lacey, Jacob P, Dexter, Aiden, Satvick, Arnav, Jahnvi, Nicholas, Mila, Ryan & Seb



Our aspirational children were; Rebeka, Samuel M, Abhinav, Miley, Shyla & Sam



Our children showing resilience were; Willow, Evie B, Lola, Maria, Evie B & Shubh


Our children with integrity were; Alex, Claudia, Bairavee, Isabella, Charlie M & Jacob S



Our respectful children were; Ella, Hazel, Anya, Tommy, Olivia M & Rose


Lunchtime star

Our lunchtime stars were Adam & Hazel



Our class with the best attendance was Rose Street Class