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Year 5 Puppet Show Projects

Last week Year 5, both in school and at home, worked very hard on their Puppet Show projects.  They started their week turning boxes into puppet theatres which in some cases included; working stage curtains and lighting. 
Capture 3   Capture 2
Capture 4   Puppet Show - Year 5 (6)
Puppet Show - Year 5 (9)
Later in the week they worked on scripts based on traditional fairy tales as well as puppets, backdrops and props. 
Puppet Show - Year 5 (1)
Puppet Show - Year 5 (4)
Puppet Show - Year 5 (7)
Puppet Show - Year 5 (5)
Much fun and laughter was had whilst rehearsals took place and then it was time to dim the lights and invite the audience in. 
Puppet Show - Year 5 (10)
Many of the children were brave enough to film their performances and share them with us.  When the children return to school next week, we'll be sharing all the videos we received in class.