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Gruffalo Fun in Rose Street Class

Julia Donaldson has been our author of the week and the Gruffalo has been our writing focus. We have created our own scary Gruffalo characters to create interesting descriptions. Can you see our terrifying teeth and larva warts?

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In History, we have been learning about leaders, not Miss Heath! Kings, Queens and the royal family. We made royal crowns and acted out the royal coronation. Next, we’ll be learning about how a special message saved us from wicked Kings and Queens!

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Julia Donaldson hasn’t been our only inspiration, Jackson Pollock has ignited a painting passion! We have used string and other tools to explore abstract paintings and we love it! We look forward to some sunny spells to create LARGE SCALE paintings just like Pollock soon!

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The children have also made flowers and trees this week, learning the scientific words to understand how trees change over seasons.

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