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Festive Fun in Year 2

Year 2 were very excited about spending time learning outside for Fresh Air Thursday! After all the frosty weather recently, we were really lucky that it was mild and dry for our activities. The day started with a Christmas Treasure Hunt. The children raced around finding numbers to pair to make 20, letters to spell Merry Christmas, Christmas films and information about the 4 seasons.

After that, everyone got into teams to have Arctic Animal races which involved lumbering like a polar bear, hopping like an arctic hare and leaping like an arctic fox. Next, it was time to warm up and rest with a cup of hot chocolate. I am guessing that this was most of the children's favourite part of Fresh Air Thursday!

The rest of the day was spent creating a huge Merry Christmas message on the fence behind the school for the local community and taking part in the Christingle celebration.

By the end of the day everyone was exhausted and hopefully ready for an early night.

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