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Year 6 WWII Immersion Day

Year 6 World War II Immersion Day, Mrs. E. Conte, Y6 Teacher and KS2 Phase Leader

Red Kite class was able to return to some pre-Covid normal this week with the celebration of a World War II immersion day.  The children arrived at school dressed as evacuees, bringing their satchels and their name tags with them.  We spent part of the morning learning exactly what the Evacuation was and how it impacted British children during the war.  Year 6 also listened to a recording of Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of war, thinking about how that must have felt from the perspective of a child during that time.  As evacuees, we needed to be prepared for any eventuality, so air raid drills were practiced throughout the day.  The pupils learnt the importance of having their gas masks and identification cards on them at all times.  Unfortunately, we did have a number of children who had to be interrogated at points throughout the day as, without their ID, we had to be certain they were not Gestapo spies infiltrating our class.

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In addition to learning about the Evacuation, we spent time understanding the importance of rationing and how little food was available for purchase.  We explored the creative recipes from the 1940s and even made our own bread and butter pudding from a real war-time recipe.  We were quite fortunate to use real eggs instead of dried and most of us enjoyed the fruits of our labours.  Red Kite class also learnt about propaganda and used our artistic abilities to create our own war posters.  We also learnt about the importance of music in boosting morale both at home and on the front, and sung along with Dame Vera Lynn to the immortal ‘We’ll Meet Again.’  It was an incredible day of learning for us all!

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