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Out of This World With Year 5

Year 5 have come back from the Spring break with a lot of energy! In science this term, we’ve been working on understanding meteorology, the study of the weather and the atmosphere. Last week, the children created descriptive diagrams to show the 5 layers of our atmosphere – the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere. They even created their own mnemonics to remember the names in order! This week, they learned that the ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light. We visualised this by exploring how different materials absorb different amounts of visible light. In their mini investigation, they found that black card absorbs the most visible light out of the colours that were tested.

Atmosphere Year 5 (1)   Atmosphere Year 5 (2)

Atmosphere Year 5 (8)

Atmosphere Year 5 (9)   Atmosphere Year 5 (9)

This week in computing, the children have been designing concept maps. This began with visualising concept maps physically in the classroom with a ball of string, which they used to link all of our ideas! This helped the children see how ideas could be interconnected, and how the limitations of the string concept map could be overcome with more advanced computer software.

Atmosphere Year 5 (4)   Atmosphere Year 5 (5)

On ‘Fresh Air Friday’, the children tested different raft designs made from paper. They found that their simplest design with the largest surface area was able to support the most weight. This linked to their forces topic that they studied previously and they were able to link their results to the effects of standing on tip toes – a lot harder to do than standing and walking on the soles of their feet!

Atmosphere Year 5 (3)   Atmosphere Year 5 (7)