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Unique Selling Point - 21st Century Community

Unique Selling Point – We are a 21st Century Community School!

Windmill Primary School opened with six children in September 2013.  Our first parents felt that we were like 'a village school.'  We embraced that description in developing our aims, values and curriculum.

'We want our school to be a place where we play, learn and work hard and where we are cared for and looked after.’

Written by Ladybird Class 2013 (our first pupil intake) 

Windmill Primary School is the first Primary Academy in Wokingham. We are a new primary school in a brand new building, purpose built for children aged 4 to 11 years. We pride ourselves in being a small school where all children are known, valued and their individual needs recognised and met.

As of September 2017, we have a full Reception Class. Years 1, 2 and 3 classes are also full. We have 17 children in our Year 4 class – this has grown from only six children in September 2013. We will grow and learn together over the coming years and we want our pupils to be integral to the development of the school, its curriculum and its environment.

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We view our school as a community and the children contribute to promote this. We place a strong emphasis on developing personal and social skills so that our children are happy, responsible citizens of the future who can actively contribute to society.

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Our School Council 2017/2018 

We have an inclusive school that welcomes the diversity of our community.  We work together with children and their families to ensure we all grow, learn and flourish. We also work closely with Wokingham Borough Council to meet the needs of our local community.

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Children raised money for “Building for the Future”, a Wokingham based charity providing activities, support and therapy for children with disabilities and/or additional needs and their families.

map class names

Every class in Windmill Primary School has a link to Wokingham. The classes are named after streets within our local town.

Our Reception class is – Fernlea Drive Class.

         Fernlea Drive is the road where our school is situated, our home.

Our Year 1 class is – Rose Street Class

Our Year 2 class is – Peach Street Class

Our Year 3 class is – Denmark Street Class

Our Year 4 class is – Milton Road Class

Our Year 5 class is Rectory Road Class

Year 6 will be named …London Road.


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As we are a 21st century community school, we endeavour to show our commitment to our local area. The whole school plants and grows vegetables and flowers. We are learning to be self-sufficient.

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Our Special Name …

What amazing activities

we do …

What this shows …

Fernlea Drive Class

Reception make sure their classroom is safe.

We learn to take responsibility for our surroundings.

Rose Street Class

Year 1 deliver the post to each class.

We learn to take responsibility for jobs.

Peach Street Class

Year 2 write the school newspaper.

We learn to celebrate our successes.

Denmark Street Class

Year 3 raise money for charity.

We learn to think about and care for others.

Milton Road Class

Year 4 runs the school bank.

We learn to understand money, save and plan for the future.

Rectory Road Class

Year 5 will run the radio station.

We will learn to organise, present and communicate.

London Road Class

Year 6 will be entrepreneurs.


We will learn to develop ideas to make money, which we contribute and selflessly spend on other year groups.

Our School Values are …

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When our children show these values, they are a GOLD COIN for their ‘House’. Each week the houses compete to see who can earn the most coins for their ‘House’ team.

Our 'Houses' are named after local rivers:

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I am sure that you agree that Windmill Primary School is truly.......

                                                   a 21st Century Community School!