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Visitor Information


Guidance for Visitors (Covid-19)

We are currently adopting an 'Appointment Only' policy for all visitors to Windmill Primary Schools.  All visitors are permitted strictly by appointment only, and only when your visit is essential. 


The welfare of our children at Windmill Primary School is our paramount concern.  We want all our children to be safe and to feel safe.    

Upon arrival, all visitors must report to the Reception Office where they will be required to sign in and will be issued with a Visitor Pass.   Visitor Passes must be worn and displayed prominently at all times.

Red Visitor Pass :

A Red Visitor Pass indicates that the visitor will need to be accompanied by a member of staff for the entire duration of their visit.  Any visitor wearing a Red Visitor Pass that is seen unaccompanied on school premises, will be escorted to the Main Reception immediately and will be asked to remain at the Main Reception until a member of staff is available to supervise them.   

Blue Visitor Pass :

If the School has assured itself that the visitor has had the appropriate DBS check/clearance (or the visitor’s employer has confirmed that the visitor has had DBS clearance), and the visitor’s identity has been verified with photographic id, the visitor can be issued with a Blue Visitor Pass.

Please note that all visitors, irrespective of whether they have DBS clearance, should not be alone with pupils/children unless this is a legitimate part of their role/visit. 

Whilst on school premises, ALL visitors are required to :

  • dress appropriately
  • use appropriate language at all times
  • use adult toilets only
  • treat everyone with respect and tolerance
  • immediately inform one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads if a child makes a disclosure or if you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of a child

Whilst on school premises, ALL visitors must not : 

  • instigate verbal or physical contact with pupils unless it is appropriate and a part of the agreed reason for your visit
  • give any personal information to pupils (eg : phone number, email address, social media user names)
  • use mobile phones
  • take photographs, unless agreed with Windmill staff

Thank you for your co-operation and for supporting the school’s safeguarding procedures. 

Please click here to view our Safeguarding Policy.

Onsite Parking & Vehicle Access

Parents/Carers - We ask you to please use the car park at Morrisons superstore.

Visitors - There is parking available on site but for the safety of staff, pupils and parents, vehicle access is denied at the start and end of the school day for visitors.  The school gates are locked between 8.30am and 9.00am and between 3.00pm and 3.30pm.  Vehicle access is permitted at all other times but all visitors should be vigilant at all times and limit their speed to a maximum of 5 miles per hour.  

Please do not park in the disabled parking bay unless you have a valid permit.


Due to severe allergies, we do not permit nuts in school. 

No Smoking

We do not allow smoking (including e-cigarettes / vapes) on school grounds.