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Posted on: 25/01/2023

Fishkeeper Fry Programme

The first week of our Fishkeeper Fry programme has been a great success! Merlin class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to set up the aquarium using the correct equipment.

First, we rinsed the colourful gravel with water to remove any dirt or bacteria that it may contain. Once it was thoroughly cleaned we had a chance to put the gravel into the fish tank. We tried to create layers of different coloured gravel. We started with the orange gravel, then placed the pink gravel on top and finished off with the larger multi-coloured pebbles.

Fishfry week 1 4   Fishfry week 1 7

Fishfry week 1 5   Fishfry week 1 6

Fishfry week 1 1   Fishfry week 1 8

Once our gravel was in, we placed our Windmill furniture into the tank. We named our tank, Mushmill Primary School due to the mushroom windmill.

Fishfry week 1 3

We then put the pump, heater and thermometer in the correct place. We then filled up a bucket of water and worked out how much conditioner we should be adding for every 10L of water, which worked out to be half a cap full.

We then left the tank to settle and warm up to the correct temperature. We checked this on the thermometer morning and afternoon.

Over the past week, we have been busy working on a display for our science working wall by designing our own tropical fish. Here is our display so far.

Fishfry week 1 2